Imagine a World Without Constraints 🌎🌍🌏

Have you ever stopped at pondered that everything you are thinking about and your thoughts are actually somebody else’s? Based on the ideas of others that have thrust their labels, numerology and regimes into our lives? The language we use. The illusion of time. Is there anything you can do that is truly exclusive? What is an original thought that you can have? Is it possible to have one?

The illusion of time creates a detachment from reality. Preoccupied by a causative past and absorbed into a prominent future. Neither of them exist as only the present exists. Do now what you need to and get on with it. I’d abolish seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, clocks and watches. There’s no need for them. If a week is in a cycle then it will rotate and have no end. A continuous motion. Animals have survived as long as us without it. It puts pressure on you too. Age is a constraint and if you hit 70/80 you worry about what day is your last purely because others died about your age. Workforce’s would prosper too. No restraint on deadlines. Get the work done, it’s finished when it’s finished. Maybe this is why the Egyptians and Mayan empires built their pyramids, just got on with it and finished when they finished

Uncharted territory and lands were explored by wealthy countries in years gone by. Countries made up with people either intrigued to explore and learn, coexist with their surroundings or possibly they were simply not satisfied with their own domain and wanted more. Boundaries weren’t established and Countries named prior to man being on Earth. We created a segregation. Jostling for power. Would there be wars if there was no differentiation between one another and we were all one nationality? Why can’t we just live on Earth and be the Humans of the Human Race so we might get to that finish line in first place?

Wars have happened throughout history. The purpose of war is peace. Peace is seldom found though. Are we doing it wrong? The Romans, Vikings, Normans, Saxons, Huns, Civil wars in both England & America, the Jacobite rebellion and the last battle on British soil at Culloden Moor on 16th April 1746 and the subsequent highland clearances so Scotland wouldn’t question England’s rule of them again. Spanish civil war, two world wars only last century and far too many more to mention. Alas, the threat of further wars still remain. A constant cycle of conflicts, conquests and control. So far it seems war doesn’t work. You’ll never have peace as long as you have segregation and constraints. Parameters on what you are allowed to do is a paralysis of your evolution.

Published by Rochdalestu

I’m a 38 year old male who has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have found it as a new chapter in my life that has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on myself and everything around me.

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