Psychiatrist Appointment: Tuesday 2nd May, 2022

I’ve got my appointment this coming Tuesday that was originally scheduled for November last year. Due to the fact that the NHS, and especially the Mental Health sector is over stretched and under resourced, it’s nearly 6 months later than planned. I have still been in contact with my CMHT practitioner weekly and with starting the lithium in February, I’ve been attending my regular check ups and blood screenings. This was a reassurance that nothing was remarkable with my results and I was responding well to my treatment. However, I have been getting the odd fluctuations in moods and behaviours as the appointment grew closer. To the point I noticed them. Usually it’s others that notice it initially and I’m oblivious to them. This has made me feel that I need to tell him. A few close friends have said that I seem up one minute and down the next and chasing myself. Incoherence when explaining things etc etc. What I’ve written is just the first points that came to mind. They might read incoherent to you I don’t know. I know what I’m saying, or trying to say at least, but it’s getting lost in translation from my brain to my voice. I’ve always struggled with this and it was only when I sat exams through school, college and university that it was so blatantly obvious.

Published by Rochdalestu

I’m a 38 year old male who has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have found it as a new chapter in my life that has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on myself and everything around me.

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