Relationships: Love, Friends, Nature, Societies and Material Possessions

Are you okay with accepting the notion of being on a tandem, riding along with a lifelong companion that takes many different shapes and forms. You are never truly free. What it is that you are constantly in a relationship with through your entire life is? You can call it whatever you want to. YouContinue reading “Relationships: Love, Friends, Nature, Societies and Material Possessions”

Is the Meaning of Life Subjective or Objective?

Meaning in life has long been recognised as a central dilemma for human life. Psychology of human function, whilst acknowledging there is no consensus definition for the construct. There is a argument for the importance, leading on to the meaning, in life, based upon conventions in acculturations used as subjective judgmental processes. We then haveContinue reading “Is the Meaning of Life Subjective or Objective?”

My Bipolar Perspectives of a Unipolar World by Stuart Sanderson.

A Collection of Perceptions and Opinions From the Point of View of a Person With Mental Illness. “Wake Up!” You are part of a generation that relies on social media for interaction rather than actual physical interaction. You watch a TV that in essence actually watches you. Butting into your life and thrusting fantasy lifestyles,Continue reading “My Bipolar Perspectives of a Unipolar World by Stuart Sanderson.”

The Wisdom of Alan Watts: Enlightenment and Faith In Oneself

To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float. It’s like you took a bottle of ink and you threw it at a wall. Smash! And all that ink spread.Continue reading “The Wisdom of Alan Watts: Enlightenment and Faith In Oneself”

The Wisdom of Alan Watts: Love

Love is not something that is a sort of rare commodity, everybody has it. Everybody has love, but it can only come out when it is convinced of the impossibility and the frustration of trying to love itself. This conviction will not come through condemnations, through hating oneself, through calling self love bad names inContinue reading “The Wisdom of Alan Watts: Love”

All the Roads We Have to Walk are Winding

I was told once by the Canon of the church that I attended, that as we go through life and experience an array of different things, the highs and lows that go with them, new emotions and questions you have no answers to, we turn to the people closest to us for help. The peopleContinue reading “All the Roads We Have to Walk are Winding”

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