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Instead of 5 Fruit & Veg a day 🍎🥦 I’m on 14 Pills a day 💊

I have to now take 14 pills a day day. Luckily though, only for the next week, then I’m back to my usual 8 pills a day. I have unfortunately got a ear infection so I’m on antibiotics and a pain killer. On top of the morning mix of 750mg Depakote (500mg & 250mg), 5mgContinue reading “Instead of 5 Fruit & Veg a day 🍎🥦 I’m on 14 Pills a day 💊”


My Mood Diary 📔 February 2020

This is a candid account of what I was experiencing at the start of 2020. I’d advise discretion before reading this as I wouldn’t want to reignite bad memories or instigate negative thoughts for anyone. Stuart Sanderson  These are a few exerts from my mood diary from the beginning of last year. I hadn’t beenContinue reading “My Mood Diary 📔 February 2020”

Are the Lunatics Actually Running the Asylum? 🤯

Have you ever pondered the notion that the lunatics are actually running the asylum? The asylum being the metaphorical world that we are living in? The division and segregation of countries being echoed by the wards of this vast, spread out hospital over the grounds of what we have been told is Planet Earth? AdmissionContinue reading “Are the Lunatics Actually Running the Asylum? 🤯”

Questions for the Psychiatrist 🗣 👩‍⚕️

Monday I’m back at my psychiatrist and I’m hoping that to get an answer to these questions and not a series of ‘hmmm’, ‘ok’ and basically fuck all 👌 1. What are the long term effects of Depakote you’re aware of? I have a list of my own that we can compare. 2. Is thereContinue reading “Questions for the Psychiatrist 🗣 👩‍⚕️”

Bipolar Disorder: A Brief Description and Explanation

This is a guide for anyone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or has a relative or friend with Bipolar Disorder. This is only meant as a guidance and if anyone is concerned with the welfare of someone please contact the NHS on 101 or 999. Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder People with bipolar disorder haveContinue reading “Bipolar Disorder: A Brief Description and Explanation”

The Stigma of Living with Bipolar Disorder

Many people have had their opinions on my mental illnesses. Match making their assumptions to certain things I’ve done in the past, my behaviours and actions, my persona, my decision making and the obsession to listen to the whispers from those claiming that they have the exclusive story on my life, to the easy answer.Continue reading “The Stigma of Living with Bipolar Disorder”