Make-Up Tips From My Bipolar Perspective 💄

Ladies, will you accept my challenge? Seeing as you ladies are hell bent on not listening to me and wearing your makeup when you only need your smile, I’ve got a challenge for you. If you’re going to get the foundations, lip liners, mascara and lipstick out this weekend, let’s make sure that it isContinue reading “Make-Up Tips From My Bipolar Perspective 💄”

10p 10p 50p £1 🪙

There was a guy who was working on a case one Saturday night, he had to work on a case as his desk had collapsed, when a tall blonde walked past his window. He knew she was tall as he worked on the 5th floor. She came in to his office and asked if heContinue reading “10p 10p 50p £1 🪙”

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