Living with Bipolar Disorder Explained: Social Anxiety


Comfort zone – you’re out of it. Think everyone is looking at you. You’re under the impression that you are acting odd. Think up hypothetical scenarios that you worry about. Put your guard up. Become introverted. Prior to a social gathering you imagine being crammed in at the bar, people in your way. You worry about what you will wear. If you will you look overweight because of your psych meds.


Poor sleep – mind racing. Poor appetite – too tired/lethargic. Heightened blood pressure. Poor concentration – could possibly effect work, home relations with friends and family.

Factual Outcome

No amount of anxiety will have any impact on the outcome. When you finally go through that door you imagined was in front of you and you always thought was locked, you’ll look back over your shoulder and you’ll realise that there was never a door there in the first place.

Published by Rochdalestu

I’m a 38 year old male who has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have found it as a new chapter in my life that has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on myself and everything around me.

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